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comics! november 2008!

It’s a tale of three companies in this most recent batch of comics, and three very different states of comic book storytelling. The first is a one-shot Thor special written and drawn by Alan Davis (as is evidenced by the fact that everybody skinny, even, just a little, Volstagg the Voluminous) that very pointedly looks […]

The Last Days of Krypton

Our book today is The Last Days of Krypton by prolific science fiction hack Kevin Anderson, and of course it’s not referring to the periodic table. No, this is the planet Krypton, the homeworld of little Kal-el, better known to the movie-going public as Superman. In the character’s hum-dinger of an origin story (created by […]

Comics! Superman and the Legion!

Just a quick note here to tip our hats to the conclusion of Geoff Johns’ epic “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” storyline unfolding in Action Comics. The storyline – the best Action Comics has hosted in many, many years (and one of the best Superman storylines in recent memory, period), left us all on […]

Comics again! Intolerable provocation!

Well, yes, yes, we know: we just five minutes ago officially signed over comics-related matters to our distant colleague Gianni over at The Latest Issue – and we meant it, we meant it. But this week, the provocation has been so extravagant, so pin-pointed to our particular obsessions here at Stevereads that even our worst […]

Comics! the kingdom of frustration!

Frustration was the key to the last batch of comics young Elmo swiped from my archnemesis Pepito. Not frustration over the SOURCE of said comics – I make sure to shake the Pepito-germs off them before reading – but rather with the CONTENT. Let’s take a brief survey, shall we? Take, for instance, the week’s […]

Comics! Superman and Spider-Man!

15 July 2006 COMICS Only two comics this week, amazingly enough: Superman and ‘The Sensational’ Spider-Man. Each company’s long-standing icon, and each icon at a turning point. Sensational Spider-Man #28 – “My Science Teacher is Spider-Man!!” – follows a little of the fallout in Peter Parker’s life in the wake of his nationally televised coming-out […]


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