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Stevereads 2009 Honor Roll!

Several of you have made interesting suggestions for how I should wrap things up here at Stevereads in 2009 – and some of those suggestions have been more practical than others! Perhaps influenced by what you’ve read on other book-blogs, several people have emailed (privately, of course! wouldn’t be the Silent Majority without the ‘silent’ […]

In the Penny Press! Heroes and Villains!

There’s a horrible circular pattern that holds, stalled, over virtually all the major fiction outlets these days: the long-established names get published in their every jot and tittle, and everybody else must wait until physical infirmity or extreme decrepitude force openings in the calendar. Louise Erdrich getting a bowel-resection? Fine – let’s look at the […]


I intend Stevereads to be the ongoing autobiography of my reading - but I still love interaction! Readers are welcome to email me on any bookish subject under the sun, and if you want me to send you a copy of anything I discuss here, just say the word!    

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Stevereads Staples!

I have a weakness for regular features - and I've indulged that weakness here at Stevereads! Here are the most popular:

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