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Comics: The Latter Days!

I ventured to the comics shop again this week, lured by the prospect of interesting new graphic novel collections (there weren’t any that I could see), and I walked out with two new Marvel comics, Avengers #40, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Stefano Caselli, and Fantastic Four #642, written by James Robinson and […]

Comics! The Wedding of Crystal and Quicksilver!

Our story today is an oldie from the halcyon days of 1974, when a United States increasingly mired in the Watergate scandal got some much-needed distraction by turning to the pages of Marvel Comics for the comics event of the year (if you don’t count the first appearances of both the Punisher and Wolverine – […]

Comics: Avengers Assemble!

This new ongoing Marvel title Avengers Assemble has a lot working against it. It’s written by Brian Michael Bendis, who’s stretching himself just a bit thin across 18 Avengers titles. It’s drawn by Mark Bagley, who even fans of YUltimate Spider-Man suspect of being a hack (the Don Heck of the 21st century, as it were). […]

Comics! AvX and an ‘ah’ Moment!

Marvel’s latest crossover-crazy brou-ha-ha, “Avengers V.S. X-Men,” continues this week where it left off last time: the X-Men are holed up on their island off the coast of California, harboring a young woman named Hope, who’s very likely the focus of the vast and destructive Phoenix force that’s rapidly approaching Earth. The Avengers have come […]

Comics! The 22-year Witch!

Marvel Comics is fresh from the conclusion to its “Childrens Crusade” mini-series in which the mutant former Avenger Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, regains her memory after the traumatic events of another mini-series “The House of M,” in which she used her reality-altering ‘hex’ power to virtually eradicate her fellow mutants from the world. At […]

Comics! The End of the World Approaches!

Ordinarily, my comics post this week would center around the next amazing instalment of “Avengers: Children’s Crusade,” written by Allan Heinberg and drawn by the great Jim Cheung. The 6th of this mini-series’ projected 9 issues came out this week, following up on the last issue’s cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers: Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet […]

Comics! Great Expectorations!

It’s Marvel Comics’ show this week at the comic shop, and the obvious reason is the launch of yet another sooper-dooper multi-crossover event, “Fear Itself.” If you’re thinking it’s been only a very short time since the end of the previous sooper-dooper multi-crossover, you’re entirely right, and what’s even odder is how similar “Fear Itself” […]

Comics! Avengers Assemble, volume 1!

Our book today is the great graphic novel collection Avengers Assemble,Volume 1, originally published in an oversized hardcover a decade ago and now at last re-issued in paperback. I owned and often re-read the hardcover (an indulgence I seldom make for graphic novels, but this one was well worth it), but alas, it failed to […]

Comics! A Clash of Titans!

There’s something primordially satisfying about superheroes fighting other superheroes – it’s always far more compelling than superheroes fighting anybody else. I don’t know why that is, but I’ve been enjoying it for eons just the same. And some superhero fights are just undeniably more enjoyable than others – and that part I do indeed understand: […]

Comics! A Grand Old Time!

As the new year begins, the dust settles in the company continuities of both Marvel and DC, and the editors of their super-hero comics evidently decide (or were ordered by their masters, now newly sensitized to the lure of Hollywood money?) to put away the dark backdrops of the past few years and embrace a […]


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