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The Tower of the Elephant!

Our story today is the best thing “Conan” creator Robert E. Howard ever did, his 1933 short story “The Tower of the Elephant,” which features a barbarian who’s little more than a boy – an entire lifetime younger than the grizzled old king readers first met in the debut Conan story “The Phoenix on the […]

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: Dawn of a New Era?

One final pair of books ushers in the long-awaited new “Conan the Barbarian” movie!

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Knock-Off Novels!

The loin cloth and the bowl haircut have never succeeded in making Conan look like a fool – but a slew of really bad novels very nearly did!

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Comics – Part 3!

The latest comic book adaptation of Conan takes the character to new heights!

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Comics – Part 2!

Fan favorite artist John Buscema brings the comic-book world of Conan a new sense of earthy grandeur as our Conan celebration continues!

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Comics – Part 1!

Comic book adaptations step up to the plate as our Conan celebration continues!

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The First Novels!

The pulpy (and lustily fake!) Conan novels that introduced an entire generation to the world’s most famous barbarian

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Stories!

Our 2011 Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza continues! In this instalment, we turn to a Conan-question I’ve been asked many dozens of times over the many decades in which I’ve been recommending this character to readers of high fantasy: where to start? Those readers are confronted with a staggering array of choices – there are movies, TV series, […]

Cimmerian ‘Stravaganza: The Saga Begins!

“A thief, … a reaver … a slayer” – he’s Conan the Barbarian, and in anticipation of his upcoming new movie, we explore some of his 80-year-history


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