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A July Book-Haul!

The dog days of summer have settled into place (although it’s resolutely refusing to feel that way in the entire eastern half of North America), and all my young friends over on BookTube are happily ensconced in making their July book-videos – very much including the book “hauls” they somehow manage to take in despite […]

Best Books of 2013: Fiction!

Fiction was remarkable in 2013 for the way it almost constantly awarded craft. This isn’t always the case; it frequently happens that raw, relatively untested talent – or drastically but well-controlled stylistic gambles – will propel a book into a firmament more typically occupied by older stars. But this year not only are many of […]

Six Full of Picks!

A wise and wonderful editor I once knew was fond of exclaiming, when the subject came up, “God save me from anthologies!” He was referring to the committee-nightmare procedure of selection and rejection, I’m fairly certain, not to marketing them (they do well – always have, always will – hardly ever spectacularly, but well) – […]


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