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Predictable Trials in the Penny Press!

It was a gruesome, entirely telegraphed one-two punch this week in the Penny Press: first, Esquire had a “How To Be a Man – The Fatherhood Edition,” and then The New Yorker had a double-sized science fiction issue. As the cognoscenti might put it, oy. Horrified – as pretty much anybody would be – by […]

Insults Large and Small in the Penny Press!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for New York magazine here at Stevereads. Last week there was that noxious, fawning travesty of a piece by Evan Hughes titled “Just Kids,” a gushing piece of hagiography that tried to get its readers to shudder with veneration for those literary titans, Jonathan Franzen, David Foster Wallace, […]

Good Guys and Very, Very Bad Guys in the Penny Press!

Football players on both ends of the moral spectrum (and one outraged foodie) in the Penny Press!

Back to some familiar faces in the Penny Press!

Two old stand-bys from the Penny Press!

Not Quite the Usual Suspects in the Penny Press!

Yet more titles for the ever-expanding head-count that is In the Penny Press!

A New/Old Friend in the Penny Press!

Re-discovering an old friend on the magazine racks

The Proof in the Pudding in the Penny Press!

Recently I was talking with a friend of mine, as well-read a young man as you’re likely to meet all week, and he related a fascinating – and disturbing – thing: facing an hours-long trip, he bought a copy of the current Atlantic and a copy of the new Vanity Fair to read on the […]

In the Post with the Penny Press!

The many faces of that guilty pleasure of magazine-reading: letters to the editor!

Thinkers and Stinkers in the Penny Press!

Those two Old Standbys of the Penny Press, New York magazine and The New Yorker, almost always deliver the goods. I remember well the dreadful week when there was nothing in either of them – it was the week George W. Bush was elected in a populist landslide/called in favors from his father’s apparatchiks on […]

Super-Exposure in the Penny Press!

Readers who might once have been irritated by the sight of a topless Rob Lowe on the cover of Vanity Fair (the top item in a strong Penny Press week) will, like all right-thinking individuals in the world, instantly recall his fantastic stint as Sam Seaborn on the still-intensely-missed The West Wing and crack a […]


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