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The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous!

Our book today is The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous, a 1993 addition to the “Rutshire” chronicles written by the inimitable soap operator Jilly Cooper. American readers may not have heard of Rutshire, and that’s OK – it’s a creation of Cooper’s, meticulously planned and mischievously named. American readers may also not have heard of […]

… and Ladies of the Club!

Our book today is that 1433-page beacon of hope to procrastinators and late bloomers everywhere, Helen Hooven Santmyer’s 1984 runaway bestselling novel … and Ladies of the Club, written over a lifetime and finally published when its author was 88 years old. The book stayed on the New York Times Bestseller List for years (the […]

The Squire!

Our book today is Enid Bagnold’s best novel, 1938′s The Squire – a claim to which some of you will respond “Surely not!” and very much more of you will respond “Who the hell is Enid Bagnold when she’s at home?” The “Surely not!” crowd will be bewailing the fact that I’d single out The […]

Stevereads 2011 Worst Books of the Year: Fiction!

It’s perhaps inevitable that as attention spans continue to fritter away all across the educated West, the capacity to take things seriously should wither too – after all, deliberation and estimation are twins. Still, a decade along in the 21st century, it amazes me to find people failing to take seriously their own livelihoods – […]

All Passion Spent!

A great and moving novel about old age, written by a woman in her prime!

Judge on Trial!

A great Prague writer’s greatest novel

Before the Dawn!

All the complexities of the Meiji Restoration are beautifully captured in this magnificent, complex and sprawling 19th century Japanese novel.


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