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Notes for a Star Trek Bibliography: Last Word from the Team!

We last left Star Trek fiction in a state of what the show’s techno-babble experts might call ‘temporal flux.’ After a long period wandering in the wilderness (sustained only by the manna of sometimes spotty and often manic fan fiction, fanzines, and fan conventions), the old cancelled TV show had at last reached the promised […]

Notes for a Star Trek Bibliography: The End of an Era!

All things work toward their own perfection, and unless you’re a horseshoe crab, that perfection tends to presage your doom. As true as this is for cheetahs and concert violinists, it’s also true for Star Trek fiction – specifically, the first, wild-and-woolly type of Star Trek fiction we’ve been chronicling in this series so far. […]

Notes for a Star Trek Bibliography: The First Ladies of Fandom!

As we’ve noticed occasionally in our bibliographical notes, there are two kinds of Star Trek fiction. There’s the kind where the outward garments of Star Trek – a captain named Kirk, a ship called Enterprise, etc. – are simply and crudely draped over a pre-existing science fiction hobbyhorse. And there’s the kind where the essence […]


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