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Comics: The End of the Legion

  DC Comics is currently in the middle of a big readership-grabbing multi-issue crossover event called “Trinity War,” and that big event is going to blend into the next, something called “Forever Evil” that will feature another mini-series and some collectible, gimmicky covers. The company’s successful reboot of its entire line of comics, its “New […]

Comics: Flagship Teams!

Among this week’s new four-color superhero comics are two flagship team-books, one that I’ve liked intermittently over the decades, and one that I rather inordinately love. The first, Justice League, is set in the present-day and features – in this latest incarnation – a core roster of some of the most famous super-heroes ever created, […]

Comics: Legion Secret Origin!

It’s been a very good winter season (calendar-wise, of course – actual winter didn’t happen in Boston this year) for Legion of Super-Heroes fans: not only did the two Legion ‘New 52′ relaunch titles (‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ and ‘Legion Lost’) manage to escape the ravages of crapitude that swamped almost all of DC’s company-wide reboot, […]

Comics! Star Trek and the Legion!

When I think about the current state of four-color superhero comics as 2011 winds to a close, it’s easy to become a bit depressed. DC Comics’ massive re-launch of its entire superhero line is pretty much a take-it-or-leave-it proposition: either you’re able to enjoy their radical revision of characters like Superman and Wonder Woman (not […]

Comics! Legion Secret Origin #1!

I know I mentioned concentrating on Marvel comics for a while in the deeply depressing aftermath of DC’s “new 52″ offensive (out of which I declare “Batman” and “Aquaman” the winners – which leaves 50 losers), but then last week DC came out with the first issue of a new 6-issue mini-series that either doesn’t […]

Comics! New 52 – Week 3!

This was the first week I actually found myself enjoying “the New 52,” DC Comics’ month-long barrage of first issues designed to relaunch its entire line of comics and re-invent its 80-year-old continuity for the 21st century. And I can’t be precisely sure of the reason why this week sat so much better with me […]

Comics! Smiling while Armageddon approaches!

I was minding my own business in the comics world this week, I swear, and the week’s haul should have made me happy enough: not only was there a new issue of my beloved Legion of Super-Heroes, written with headlong enthusiasm by the legendary Paul Levitz and drawn by High Elf Yildiray Cinar with a […]

Comics! The Future of the Future!

Will the sweeping changes coming to the DC Comics universe extend a thousand years into the future and affect even the stalwart sentients of the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Comics! Superboy and the Legion – the Early Years!

It’s such an unassuming little thing, a slim new graphic novel collection of five individual comic books, published by DC Comics this week with no fanfare whatsoever. It’s an entirely no-frills production: no new Introduction, no new cover-art, no “P.S.” from one of the creators involved, revealing some behind-the-scenes secret, no page of rough pencil-sketch […]

Comics! Timber Wolf in the Legion!

In yesterday’s stack of comics was “Legion of Super-Heroes” #11, written by the legendary Paul Levitz and drawn by someone (something?) called Daniel HDR. It’s called “False Start,” and it’s one of the early chapters in what’s promising to be an epic return of the Legion of Super-Villains (only a promise, at this point – […]


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