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From the BPL: The Time of the Wolf!

In 2012 more than in any previous year, I found myself playing catch up at my beloved Boston Public Library, the best public library in the world. Some of you will already know of my affection for the sumptuous solidity of the McKim building – and especially for the soaring beauty of Bates Hall, under […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Vindication!

We’ve been through it all with our hero Paul Marron in 2011: every up-thrust of fate, every downward suck of the pump, all the vicissitudes that might befall anybody but that seems so much more pronounced when they happen to a set of pecs so perfect, a pair of buns so perky, a pair of […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: the Golden Age!

When last we left our hero Paul Marron, he had overcome a disastrous fashion mis-step and gone back to his roots, as it were, to find renewal and new hope. Romance had rekindled in his supermodel heart, and the Romance world had begun to reciprocate, with a vengeance. Traditionally, Romance novel covers displayed the customary […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Handling Scandal!

Our compact, charismatic hero continues to master the strokes of his game – and scandal erupts!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: On the Rebound!

A hero at rock-bottom does the only thing he can: he travels to Australia and has sex with an amnesia victim.

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Heading for a Fall!

Everything’s going fine for our hero Paul … until one fateful night!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: the Warren Court!

As we continue to scrutinize every inch of our hero’s career, we find him in Regency England, impersonating not one but two brothers called Byron!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: The Fair New England Girl!

Our pouty hero travels to the mist-shrouded Scottish lochs – and promptly takes his shirt off!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: The Naughty, Naughty Ladies!

At last, it’s our boy Paul just exactly as Fate intended him to be: topless, smoldering, and all yours, yours, yours!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Trembling to Release!

When last we left our hero, Paul Marron, he was revealing more of his true self to his feisty British wife in the 19th century … not by granting her wish for long, heartfelt chats by the fireside at night, but by stripping off his frilly shirt and tossing it with a sideways wrist-action into […]


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