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Comics! If Asgard Falls …

Our story today is a corker from 1968: “If Asgard Falls …” from Thor Annual #2, written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby (with customarily perfect inks by Vince Colletta), the kind of fine hammy high fantasy that always best suits this strangest of all the original crop of Marvel superheroes Lee & […]

Comics! Big Events and Little Moments!

I admit: this week, I was mainly looking for something to take my mind off the coming Continuity Apocalypse over at DC (otherwise known as ‘the reboot that dare not speak its name’), so I concentrated my reading on Marvel, which hasn’t gone in for a Continuity Apocalypse in weeks now. This strategy is all […]

The Mighty Thor Treasury Edition!

Our book today is the extra-sized deluxe treasury edition of The Mighty Thor that Marvel Comics put out way back in 1974, back before comic shops and mylar bags and collector conventions. The treasury edition (this is the first – there actually was a second Thor treasury edition, but it reprinted a story we’ve already […]

Thor: The Mangog Saga!

Our story today is “The Mangog Saga,” but it wasn’t written down by Snorri Sturluson a thousand years ago – it’s of much fresher vintage. This is a four-part tale that ran in “The Mighty Thor” back in 1968, a grand, rip-snortingly epic tale brought to life by writer Stan Lee, penciller Jack Kirby, inker […]

Comics! Thor relaunches!

Well, here the issue itself is, the capstone on our aforementioned glut of Thor-comics, so I could hardly refrain from mentioning it. It’s Thor #615 (flat-out amazing that Marvel didn’t relaunch the whole thing with a spurious first issue – an adult must temporarily be in charge at the House of Ideas), featuring writing by […]


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