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2012: Recap and Adieu!

The Best Book … of Venice: Monumental Venice by Jacques Boulay (photos) & Jean-Philippe Follet (text) The Best Reprint: Tottel’s Miscellany, edited by Amanda Holton The Best Nature Book: The Last Walk by Jessica Pierce The Best Fiction Debut: The People of Forever Are Not Afraid by Shani Boianjiu The Best Biography: Clover Adams by […]

Worst Books of 2012 – Fiction!

The year’s fiction had glorious monuments of quality and daring (you’ll have to wait a couple of days to read about them here), but they were islands in a flood-tide of timidity and preachy topicality (liberally mixed with some Terror Wars sanctimony). In some years, my main complaint has been that novelists disdainfully, arrogantly abandoned […]

Stevereads 2011 Worst Books of Year: Nonfiction!

Even I must admit that there are worse things in the literary world than indifference or even incompetence. In the realm of books as in all other realms, we must always be alert for actual, intentional evil, for writers using books as semi-respectable veneers behind which to do evil. This, too, is a use to […]

Stevereads 2011 Worst Books of the Year: Fiction!

It’s perhaps inevitable that as attention spans continue to fritter away all across the educated West, the capacity to take things seriously should wither too – after all, deliberation and estimation are twins. Still, a decade along in the 21st century, it amazes me to find people failing to take seriously their own livelihoods – […]

Recap, 2010!

Worst Fiction 2010: 10. The Three Weissmanns of Westport – Cathleen Schine 9. The Scent of Rain and Lightning – Nancy Pickard 8. How to Read the Air – Dinaw Mengestu 7. Hester – Paula Reed 6. All That Follows – Jim Crace 5. The Instructions -Adam Levin 4. The Privileges – Jonathan Dee 3. […]

Worst Nonfiction, 2010!

If cynicism was the underpinning animus of the Worst Fiction of 2010, it was the emblazoned fife and snare drum coronation anthem of the Worst Nonfiction. I’ve been reading books a long time now, and I can’t remember a lineup of nonfiction this bad since the 1970s. Not bad in terms of literary quality, although […]

Worst Fiction, 2010!

It would be audacious to offer a common link for so many works conceived in so many different environments over so many years, and yet offer it I do! I read a great deal of fiction in 2010 and watched with keen interest as some books succeeded and others failed. I sifted not only matter […]

Once Again!

Twice as many books this year, so a handy summary is in order! Worst Fiction of 2009: 10. Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi by Geoff Dyer 9. The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson and Martin Dugard 8. The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell 7. Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem 6. Nobody Move […]

Worst Books of 2009! Fiction!

2009 is finally winding down, and the End of Days clamor regarding the death of paper-and-ink books has never been louder. The Amazon Kindle is (if you believe their publicity statements) selling more than any other physical item in the history of the human race, and smack-dab in the entrance way of every single Barnes […]

The Worst Books of 2008!

Hard to believe another entire year has passed since the last ‘Worst of’ list, but there’s our emblematic elephant-crap picture to prove it! That picture symbolizes not just what’s awful and redolently crappy, but the worst of what’s awful and redolently crappy – the books listed here. As always, there was a great deal of […]


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