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Ars Poetica

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1. Falling in Love with Poetry

I love you.

I stroked your words
like stones submerged
in mother water
after toasting in the sun:

miniscule dimples
briefly freckle before
engulfed in the flash change
from shade
to heavier shade.

2. Falling Out of Love

I thought I loved you
‘til the atoms in my body
ruptured into mushroom
clouds congesting my view

at the thought of you.

Escalofríos flared
when I plunged
the stone in the river,
water beads ornamenting
the hairs on my arms.

The thought of you

was no melody,
but a tune adhered
with night terrors
and the Shadow Man
at the foot of the bed

3. Falling in Love with Poetry, Again

I want to love you
like jazz scats’
spontaneous dips
and swings, twisting
tongues to ribbons:

lips in amorous Os:
humming, a warm
radiator in the cold.

Vanesa Pacheco is a Bostonian Latina poet. She received her BA in Literature and Communications from Wheelock College and is now pursuing her MFA in Poetry at Stonecoast’s Creative Writing program. Vanesa’s fascination with languages and translation has inspired her to blend English and Spanish in all creative writing forms with her love for surrealism, horror, and sci-fi. She currently is the poetry editor for the Stonecoast Review. Her writing and thoughts can also be found on her literary citizenship blog and in Delirious Hem; The Rain, Party, and Disaster Society’s monthly issues; Queen Mob’s Teahouse; The Fem; and Velvet-Tail.