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back-door typical

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once again – guilty silence
back-door alternative to humiliation
back-door cyberworld alternative to
editorial restraint and
hunger strike fawning over
alternative to responses to ebola
this is a recipe without accountability
this is a board chair
this is a now comes Mr. Greenberg to
complain why so many triggers
of illiquid, not insolvent
responses to ebola
once again guilty silence fawning over
once again the former chief of
insurance premium amid an armada of
trigger alternative to cyberworld protecting
children to be sure
why so many guilty silence
why so many once again
why so many won’t be back-door investments
illiquid, not insolvent to be sure
this is a recipe for (back-door) editorial
restraint without accountability for guilty silence


Theodora Danylevich did her undergraduate work at Columbia, after which she took some workshops at The Poetry Project. Currently based in DC and grateful for the DC Poetry community, Theodora has an MA in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown and is completing her PhD in English at the George Washington University. She has also served as an archivist with the D.C. Africana Archives Project at the Moorland-Springarn Research Center, where she processed the papers of Amiri Baraka. Her academic work has been published in Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. Her poetry has appeared in Vanitas, Phoebe, Boog City, and other venues. She also blogs with the-platform.org.uk, and is their new US Editor.