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canes domini

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the pug presents
a puffed-up chest
a riffling of faint whiskers

Herc is drunk
fills a plaid button shirt with belly
squats down in straining jeans and leans
forward on creaking toes
of stitched cowboy boots
scuffed up grey above the heels’ black shine

the pug ignores
the chicken bone
proffered in Herc’s hulking way

waggling the scrap around
like a toothpick between forefinger and thumb
thinking how labor never ends
he’ll be running around in his club cab
till they plant his sturdy limbs
or burn him up and toss him in the wind

the pug reveals
some tiny teeth
a chest-borne bubbling growl

“oh, come on pup”
Herc heaves his mighty self up
shakes the trinket of bird bone in a pug-sized fist
stamps designer boots, digs in dirt a tip
puts a pre-rolled smoke to lip
burns with it

the pug barks once
a yip deep-double echoed
down drops the walking mountain

crumbles spilled from
crinkled boots
and cease

Daniel A. Nicholls can be found declaiming poets and poetry on Twitter (@nomopoetry) and Tumblr (nomopoetry.tumblr.com). He has poems online at the Honest UlstermanCompose Journal, Specter Magazine, and Halfway Down the Stairs. From 2010 until 2012, he was Writer in Residence at The Starving Artist in Keene, NH. He now resides in Arizona.