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Last week it was Saturday
when I showed you I loved you at the top of the house
because on Saturday you love me and come to my office door
and look at me until I take off my headphones
and move onto you. But more playful
than that and more real.

In this photograph, I am a girl child.
My thoughts come out in my hands
and my hair. If only I could realize it.
Be just the person I just am.

In last night’s dream, the car glides away
without my friend, and I end up
on the highway. I’m on a motel balcony then,
in a part of town I don’t know about.
There’s a view of a new lake.
Perfectly round and red, on top of a new mountain.

Today I’m only walking up and down the stairs with coffee cups
and pulling at my crown. The petals of it
stand up and get brighter when I do this.

Joanna Penn Cooper is the author of The Itinerant Girl’s Guide to Self-Hypnosis (Brooklyn Arts Press), as well as the chapbooks Mesmer (dancing girl press) and Crown (forthcoming from Ravenna Press). Her creative work has appeared in a number of journals, including South Dakota Review, Poetry International, Supermachine, and Boog City. Joanna holds a Ph.D. in American literature from Temple University, and she has held full-time visiting positions at Marquette University and Fordham University.  She lives in Brooklyn and can be found at joannapenncooper.blogspot.com.