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lucky paranoia

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I’m Suzy Anthrax in the aughts
every box delivered fear
phones played dead
ubiquitous stoned
art reigned relief
effort is comfort
critics assert it has all been said
but who could disprove much less predict
the impact array of biography, weather
lived experience is a chaos system
disease manifests like snowflakes
my dog analog dreams in accidents
abstraction was invented
to facilitate our glaringly narrow intelligence
where is my messy unended scene
impossible to compile
do explanations ever stick
they are different than clarity
& not opposed to irrational
fractal shorelines
why make anything alone
when we don’t have to
playwrights corral troupes
to finish their apple
& know when to exit
music is timing
comedy is timing
tragedy is timing
what isn’t timing


Carol Mirakove is the author of two books of poems, Mediated (Factory School) and Occupied (Kelsey St. Press), as well as the chapbooks Muriel’s House (Least Weasel), temporary tattoos (BabySelf Press), WALL (ixnay), and, with Jen Benka, 1,138 (Belladonna). She appears on the album Women in the Avant Garde and with Dutch musician bates45 she released the electro-house track “temporary tattoos.”