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Major Trends / StarDate

By (September 1, 2014) No Comment

— from Gersholm Scholem/PBS

I cannot of course hope
When icy desert is a long evening
in the solar system
The whole sweep and swirl
flares up suddenly bright
Darkly it stood in their path
occasionally streaked with light
as it runs its course through the ages
A coming now since centuries past
A spirit body also sits
Active and alive today
A great primordial accomplishment
Who knows what their original meaning was?
Who will explain the explanation?
They do it most out of a vast, central love for astronomy
They continuously and bitterly complain.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Peter Ramon currently lives in Austin, TX.  He writes in what he calls NuPoetics, which is a method of writing that involves choice and chance and forgetting.  See his archives at www.nupoetics.com.