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where sky meets earth

drawing by Francisco Faria

where sky meets earth translated by Chris Daniels

by night pitch devours
its own scent;
dragging over ochre soil,
dark darkens
night so night
it doubles into day

mud puddles hum
insects once again;
will come the miry
ditches i wallow
— with the sun —
purple dust,
long rolls wind
exalts and winds

vertical sun self-outshines
and evening evens
in a twilight

hollow of the shadow,
dusk of dense fog
(fruit rot
in the tun)


onde o céu
encontra a terra

o breu devore noite
o próprio rasto;
no solo ocre, de rojo,
o escuro escureça,
noite tão noite
que se dobre em dia

os charcos zoem
outra vez insetos;
virem os regos
de lodo
em que chafurdo
— com o sol —
pó púrpuro,
ou longos rolos
que o vento
eleva e enovela

a prumo o sol ofusque
a si mesmo,
e a tarde entardeça
num crepúsculo

bojo de sombras,
lusco-fusco de névoas
(frutos apodrecendo
na gamela )

Josely Vianna Baptista (Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil, 1957) has written several books of poetry and prose, including a book for young adults which received the VI Prémio Internacional del Libro Ilustrado Infantil y Juvenil del Gobierno de México. She has translated more than fifty books, including poems by J.L. Borges for the multi-volume Obra Completa (Globo), for which she was awarded the prestigious Prêmio Jabuti in 1999. On the shining screen of the eyelids (Manifest Press), a collection of her poems and Florid Pores, a poem in six cantos (1913: a journal of forms), have been published in the United States.

The perfervidly anti-capitalist, godless, internationalist son of well-known language-artist maestro David Daniels, Chris Daniels was born in NYC in 1956. He dropped out of high school to become a dishwasher and never bothered with college. He worked as a cook and played electric bass guitar for many years. In 1980, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he still lives and sells his labor at a terrible loss. For reasons still unclear to him, he passed the GED and received a high school diploma in 1996. He’s working on a huge, fascicular anthology of Lusophone poetry, which he publishes and distributes to friends in very small, cheaply produced editions.

Francisco Faria (Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil, 1956) was educated as an architect, but early on abandoned that profession and turned to fine art. He has shown his drawings in exhibitions in Brasil, Japan, Europe and the US. He is also a book designer, typographer and graphic designer. Many of his complex drawings, some of which are accompanied by poems by Luis Dolhnikoff and/or Josely Vianna Baptista, can be found here. An original-size version of the above picture can be found here.