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Portfolio/Evidence 1722

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I’ve reached
the sulfur stage
of my gestation and
been sought after for
my anemic thoughts. As
the revolver spins, you
see the threads
dangle and shred.
We’ve become
a penetrative glance
more likely to
spit than talk
around. This word is
that word minus
a séance: welcome
to the language of teeth.
I’ve stolen all the
regrets I know about.

Amish Trivedi‘s poems are in New American Writing, CutBank, and soon in The Laurel Review and Kenyon Review Online. His reviews are in Sink, Jacket2 and soon in Pleiades. Sound/Chest, a book with Coven Press, is out in early 2015. He is the managing editor of N/A. He lives in Providence, RI.