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Sunday Links, October 6, 2013

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ParasiteLooking for some good science fiction and fantasy for the month of October? Kirkus has you covered. I can definitely recommend Mira Grant’s Parasite — it’s a wild ride, really well done. SF Signal goes further, and gives you cover images of all the science fiction, fantasy and horror being published in October — 218 books in all. I need to read faster.

If you don’t insist on the latest, perhaps you’d like to take advantage of the ebooks Amazon is offering for under $4 this month.

More interested in horror that other genres? If so, the Horror Writers Association has just released their long list for the 2014 Bram Stoker Awards. Lots of good reading on that list.

David Bowie in 1973Then there’s David Bowie’s list of 100 must-read books. I’ve read five of them, I think. Obviously we have different taste, which I actually find sort of reassuring, despite the fact that I like the man’s work.

Does literary fiction help you deal with social situations better?A new study says so. I’m dubious. If the idea is that you need to challenge your imagination, why doesn’t fantasy accomplish that goal with equal ease?

On the other hand, reading about sex probably won’t help you much on your next job interview. But it might be a lot of fun. The New York Times asked a few authors to comment on writing about sex. It’s more difficult than you might think. (I was going to say it was harder than you might think, but I stopped myself. Puns have to be one of the big dangers in writing about sex.)

BookendsI don’t have much use for bookends in my overstuffed library; there’s no room for them, and the books themselves (or the sides of the bookcases) serve the purpose. But if you’re in the market for them, Book Riot has some good options.

I’m of the very firm opinion that there is no such thing as too many books, regardless of my overstuffed, non-bookended shelves. Some disagree, and go so far as to call me a hoarder. Can you imagine? How rude! Still, if you think you’re in danger of appearing on a cable television show in which your family gathers around and forcibly parts you from your library, you can always try these steps to stop your hoarding behavior. (Making a list has never worked for me. My current list is over 60 pages long.)

Getting married soon? One of these literary wedding themes might be just right for you and your beloved. I really think the Jurassic Park idea is pretty cool.

I’ve heard it said that the British and the Americans are two peoples divided by a common language. This list of 20 words that mean something entirely different on the two sides of the Atlantic makes that saying appear to be true. I didn’t know about “pants” or “trolley,” but most of the others were familiar.

Fairy Tale ArtKnowing your biology makes it much easier to paint fantasy figures, or so it would appear from viewing the work of Bluefooted, also known as Erin, who has a PhD in biology.