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Dear Reader,

When we founded Open Letters back in 2007, our aim was to create an online space where thoughtful long-form criticism was accessible to all readers free of cost. It is and always has been a labor of love: no editor receives any salary for the site, and all funds raised from advertising are channeled directly to maintenance and improvement of our pages.

But the little that our advertising produces cannot support the site on its own, let alone drive the updates and changes we’d love to make. If you read Open Letters regularly and want to support the work we do, please consider donating anything from a few dollars to whatever sum you feel appropriate though the paypal button below:

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If you aren’t able to make a cash donation, we’d encourage you to leave a comment that engages with a piece you love, or to tell other readers about the site, or to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or share links to our work to your own pages.

We’re grateful for your support. And please feel free to write to us at openlettersmonthly[at]gmail.com if you’d like to help us do what we love to do.


The Editors