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Tender Reproach Aeronautics

By (August 1, 2013) No Comment

Constant orbit
of ancillary

The space coach
and the life coach
and the coach for the doggie door

Letters we draft
to the self we were

before the self we are
realized its error
The underbelly

full of apple seeds
The rotten being so for being left on the ground
for too long

Projectivist and yet
Warring egos don’t enjoy
drinks together

Each the all-day
day-night drama
The largest hologram

in the sky
No one ever asked me if I wanted to share

Jackie Clark is author of Aphoria (Brooklyn Arts Press). She is the series editor of Poets off Poetry and Song of the Week for Coldfront Magazine and is the recipient of a 2012 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Poetry. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming from Denver QuarterlyThe Rumpus, and Yoga City. Jackie lives in Jersey City and can be found online at nohelpforthat.com.