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Thanks again!

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lucy homecoming - june 2014

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times along the course of our epic journey, I read more new books in 2014 than in any previous year of my life, and that preponderance re-shaped the very topography of my reading itself. The rough balanced that had held for many, many years, a more-or-less equality between new books and old books (except for travel years, when old books tended to rule the roost)(unless I was staying someplace in proximity to good used bookstores – as was true, for instance, in the great multifarity that was old Austin, or the beautiful pre-gentrication bohemia that was Hermosa Beach) – that balance has shifted drastically in the last few years. I now read almost 90% new books – the endless bounty of the world’s publishing houses (and the ever-growing ranks of self-publishing), rather than the endless bounty of the Brattle Bookshop, as it were. This may very well alter the tone of Stevereads, which is, after all, the autobiography of my reading – but I’ll let the New Year sort that out.

In the meantime, now that our revels here are ended for 2014, I want to pause and thank you all, newcomers and long-time readers alike for being a part of Stevereads. It’s the time of my life writing the book-commentary that is Stevereads, and your emails (always welcome! st.donoghue@gmail.com) and active reading bring me a joy that hasn’t dimmed in the eight years I’ve been back in the book-chat world. So thank you all again, and Happy New Year.