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Two Conversation Poems

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You didn’t eat the chicken meat.
You ate the skin. You can’t be full.
Hey, do you want a bite of pie?
Finish that, then eat one fry.
I’ll save this bite for you until
you’re done. Look how good your
sister done. Your daddy’s talking
to you, hon. Sweetheart, answer.
Your daddy’s talking to you now.


I’m gonna be jumpin’ here. You’re
here. You’re gonna cross your
arm across my body here. We’re
gonna go one two three cross
then you’re gonna cross me,
you’re gonna go like this,
you’re gonna put your right arm
here. It’s like two people doing
one thing. It’s like one person
doing it. Ready, set, cross. No
just put your arm right over
here. Put it right here. Right.
It’s jump jump jump cross.
And then back up. You just
back up. So I just go when you
say go? When I say go you go.

Mark Dow‘s e-chapbook “Feedback” and Other Conversation Poems appears at Mudlark. He is also author of American Gulag: Inside U.S. Immigration Prisons (California).