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Two Poems

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Aquatic bladderwort

filamentous are we, swimming in bog or peat seepage
minute prey for us here, we sophisticates
of watery palate revert to our smallest selves
to survive parturition              no, desiccation                  sometimes
we travel along a flight path, but often we wait
with our trapdoor of air            of negative pressure


insect touch peripheral hairs to leaf lamina
sticky glands investigate chitin to dissolve
digest insect first attracted to shine and sweetness
so much like nectar but not
knowing not to struggle against triggered inflexion
the plant can only close around
its food

Ivy Alvarez is the author of two poetry collections: Disturbance (Seren Books, 2013) and Mortal (Red Morning Press, 2006). Her work appears in journals and anthologies in many countries, with several poems translated into Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. She moved to New Zealand in 2014. www.ivyalvarez.com