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Open Letters is dedicated to the proposition that no writing which reviews the arts should be boring, back-patting, soft-pedaling, or personally compromised. We’ve all had the experience of reading a review that sparkled—one that combined an informed, accessible examination of its quarry with gamesome, intelligent, and even funny commentary. These are the pieces we tell our friends about and then vigorously debate.

Our mission here is to provide you with a wide variety of such reviews every month.

Here you’ll find engaged, enthusiastic criticism and commentary displaying our passion for art across a broad spectrum of forms. Here you’ll find opinions based on our belief that there’s no room in the world for either pretension or pandering, and that the lions of art can fall flat just as great works can emerge from previously unknown corners.

Because we envision an aesthetic community taking shape here every month, we invite your responses, your spirited dissensions, and certainly your contributions to what we hope will be an ongoing process of critical examination of these creations that give our lives so much meaning.

Greg Waldmann—Editor-in-Chief
Steve Donoghue—Managing Editor
Rohan Maitzen—Senior Editor
John Cotter—Founding Editor
Sam Sacks—Founding Editor

Justin Hickey—Editor
Zach Rabiroff—Editor
Maureen Thorson—Poetry Editor
Kennen McCarthy—Compositor

Robert Minto—Contributing Editor
Jeffrey Eaton—Contributing Editor
Lisa Peet—Contributing Editor

Dorian Stuber—Contributing Editor
Joanna Scutts—Contributing Editor
Adam Golaski—Contributing Editor
Lianne Habinek—Contributing Editor
Thomas J. Daly—Contributing Editor
Phillip A. Lobo—Contributing Editor
Stephen Akey—Contributing Editor
Elisa Gabbert
—Contributing Editor
Joshua Lustig—Contributing Editor
Locke Peterseim—Contributing Editor
Luciano Mangiafico—Contributing Editor
John Anderson—Contributing Editor
Steve Danziger—Contributing Editor
Max Ross—Contributing Editor
Michael O’Donnell—Contributing Editor


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