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The Last Time I Saw … Venice!

Our book today is 2005′s The Last Time I Saw Venice, by the indomitable Australian romance novelist Vivienne Wallington, a former librarian who wrote some twenty romances for Mills & Boon under the pen-name of Elizabeth Duke and then did a stint writing Silhouette romances for Harlequin under her own name, this one being (so […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Handling Scandal!

Our compact, charismatic hero continues to master the strokes of his game – and scandal erupts!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: On the Rebound!

A hero at rock-bottom does the only thing he can: he travels to Australia and has sex with an amnesia victim.

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: the Warren Court!

As we continue to scrutinize every inch of our hero’s career, we find him in Regency England, impersonating not one but two brothers called Byron!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: The Fair New England Girl!

Our pouty hero travels to the mist-shrouded Scottish lochs – and promptly takes his shirt off!

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Trembling to Release!

When last we left our hero, Paul Marron, he was revealing more of his true self to his feisty British wife in the 19th century … not by granting her wish for long, heartfelt chats by the fireside at night, but by stripping off his frilly shirt and tossing it with a sideways wrist-action into […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Frilly Shirt, Discarded!

When last we left our hero Paul (now the proprietor of a snazzy new website of his own! Those of you who are casting directors – and you know who you are – click on over and line up to offer him work!), he was beginning to grasp once again that elemental poutiness that launched […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: Wolf Moon!

We’re still covering Paul’s early adventures, including this one: Wolf Moon, part of the “Harlequin Intrigue” line from 2007, part of the “McKenna Legacy” sub-series, written by Patricia Moore but copyrighted, sotto voce, to Patricia Pinianski. Paul looks a trifle worried on the cover, and there are two possible reasons for that: first, he’s got […]

Under the Covers with Paul Marron: The Magnate’s Marriage Demand!

Several of you in the Silent Majority have written in, sheepishly, with questions about Under the Covers with Paul Marron. You’ve wondered how he has all these marvelous adventures, and you’ve wondered how I manage to read … er, such books …. while also keeping up with all the latest about Ethelred the Unready. And […]


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